Jeet Kune Do South Africa

Are you scared of being attacked, raped or even murdered in your home? Have you ever been mugged or hi-jacked or bullied and beaten up for no reason? Most South Africans will answer yes to some or all of these questions.

Do you know how to protect yourself? Do you think it will never happen to you? Wake up! Stop living a dream – criminals are getting more ruthless and more brutal. They have become cunning and now research their targets for days, weeks or even months before attacking.

How observant are you of your surroundings? Do you notice what’s around you when you turn into your street? Are you alert? Have you noticed the suspicious car parked on the side of the road? Do you know if the people sitting around or walking by are criminals or just innocent citizens? Have they been there before or if this is the first time you’re seeing them? Do they belong there? Are they watching you or your house?

Come and let us teach you how to be alert, how to react without hesitation, how to know what’s going on around you, your house, your spouse, your kids. We will show you how to channel your fear and emotions into awareness, speed, power & agility. You have the natural right to fight back and protect your territory and family! Read more here...